Magni Vindrgeir Bergthor

Half storm giant and half human. Seeking out a cure for the Spell Plague to save his people.


Magni was born into the clan of storm giants know as the Sky Throwers twenty years ago by a human father and a storm giant mother. The clan, desperate to preserve their rapidly dwindling numbers, began to breed with other races in order to prevent inbreeding. The quick maturity rate of humans and orcs were especially ideal to quickly replenish their numbers and so it wasn’t long before the clan had enough manpower to send out it’s warriors in hopes of finding a cure for the Spell Plague that has ravaged the world.

Magni has set himself apart from his brothers and sisters since an early age when he began training. Naturally skilled with the spear and javelin, the favored weapons of the Sky Throwers, and devout in his worship of the storm god Stronmaus, Magni is one of the favored children of the clan. Much hope was placed on him when he left to search for a cure and so Magni believes that he will be the one to save his clan and does not intend to return until he is able to do so.

Loud and confident, Magni believes that he can overcome any challenge and will gladly tell anyone willing to listen. A rarity in this dead world, he remains optimistic and is not weighed down by the sorrows of the world. He has no love for the warforged that destroyed the world yet he does not hate them, rather, he sees them as worthy opponents. Never liking the idea of backing down from a fight, he is wise enough to do so if the situation is hopeless, though the shame will weigh heavily on him until he feels that he has redeemed himself.

Magni’s goals are simple: find a cure for the spell plague, save his clan, and enjoy himself while doing so. Like most in he clan he is a lover of art, song, and poetry, though his favorites are the songs of heros who overcome all challenges to save the day. He welcomes competition and the knowledge that many of his brothers and sisters are also searching for a cure drives him to succeed first.

Magni Vindrgeir Bergthor

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